Leslie painting thangkas in 1997
Creating the giant thangka in 1992

Leslie’s images are departures inspired by traditional Tibetan Art.

Her participation in creating large-scale lost heritage artwork in Tibet came between 1992-1997. After being trained in both Art therapy and Tibetan thangka painting. Lead her into creating silk appliqués that stretch the boundaries of technique to express themes spanning from traditional and environmental, to more recently multi-levelled abstracts. 

Having spent many years away from her native Europe to live and work in Tibet, Hawaii and South East Asia, Leslie’s work is infused with a blend of landscapes and symbols. Balancing line, form and color reveal a bold and vibrant yet subtle aesthetic. Leslie has been involved in numerous site-specific commissions for private collections and public spaces worldwide as well as collaborated with conservation groups to design images created both to inspire and educate. 

Her recent contemporary works -silk abstract constructions echoing traditional forms-  offers 3D fluid and transparent visuals reflecting interdependence and stillness in motion.