Silk appliqué seascapes were initially inspired by Leslie's years surrounded by the Hawaiian landscapes and magnificent coastline (1998-2005) where she developed new ways adapted from traditional methods to translate the expanse of the Pacific. Presently, Leslie is "back in the water" creating a series of seascapes inspired by the Sussex Downs and coast where she presently lives.These mixed media seascapes explore the endless permutations of elements- sea, sky, sand, rock - capturing the dynamics of light, form, texture, and color whilst reflecting an overall harmony of the composition.

I enjoy cutting directly through silks with the same fluidity as painting watercolour skies. The intuitive nature of this practice -as in catching a wave of creativity -happens in a spirit of spontaneity and these images are often starting points to developing larger scale silk seascapes. I am inspired by the coast here having recently moved to Brighton after years living overseas in Hawaii, Tibet, and South East Asia. These influences paired with a French-Vietnamese heritage have offered me a wonderful source to develop my images. My training ranges from the traditional silk applique techniques of asian art to the intuitive creative processes found in art therapy- these works are inspired by both aiming to offer a sense of expanse and serenity.